Blueberry (Vaccinium)

The blueberry is a highly sought after fruit worldwide because of its nutritional qualities and has been considered the ¨super fruit¨ as well as the “21st century fruit¨.

It is a very delicate, wild plant considering it needs to protect itself from the wind and lives on a slightly acidic soil. In Valle del Medio, the blueberry contributes organically protecting the soil from erosion and helping with the formation of humus. Like other berries, the blueberry is high in antioxidants; its nutrients increase good cholesterol and reduce heart risks. Furthermore, they have almost no fat, sodium or cholesterol, and are rich in fibre and C vitamin.

Enjoy the delicious Masseube Blueberry Jam in different sizes:

  • 45gr

  • 212gr

  • 450gr

  • 700gr